Tips to Create a Better Brochure to Boost Your Business

Brochure Tips

Putting together a business brochure isn’t as hard as you might think. If you’re so inclined, you could pay a professional designer and writer to make it, but there are also plenty of free tools to help you design your own.

Don’t be overwhelmed! Nobody knows your business better than you do, and if you follow these simple steps below, the brochure you create can be used as an effective marketing tool to bring the attention of new customers to your front door.

  1. Keep it cleanSure, you have a lot to say. You have plenty of pictures you want to show. But remember, less is more. Your brochure is meant to entice customers to want to learn more about your business, not to tell them every single thing there is to know about it! Use one or two larger images as opposed to lots of smaller images.
  2. Keep it shortYou don’t have much time to engage your audience. They want the most important information, as fast as they can get it. Consider covering information in bullet points as opposed to running copy. Bullets are more visually appealing and quicker to read and comprehend.
  3. Tell them what to doA clear call to action will tell your potential customers the next steps to follow. Do you want them to look you up online? Tell them! Want them to see your storefront? Invite them to visit you.
  4. Tell them where to goMake sure your contact information is easy to find on the brochure. If you’ve enticed a potential customer, make it easy for them to contact you online, over the phone, or in person.
  5. Have a little funNever sacrifice clarity for cleverness. But look for ways to make your brand and your business stand out as memorable in a crowded field. An attention-grabbing headline is a great way to make a positive first impression with your prospective customer.

What are you waiting for? Your business isn’t going to promote itself. Visit Brother CreativeCenter™ today to get started designing your own effective, business-boosting brochure.

One thought on “3 Tips to Help Prevent Data and Document Loss in the Event of a Business Disaster

  1. What a colorful yet compelling infographic. I’ve seen many on technology from a corporate perspective but none from an SMB perspective. I think the fact that so many business owners view technology as overwhelming also leads to them believing few resources exist in their communities. When you feel overwhelmed, you typically don’t have the energy to look for help!

    Tiffany C. Wright
    The Resourceful CEO

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