Tech Talk: Scan to Email Server

If you end up waiting until the last minute to email your reports, then we have a great solution for you. Most people scan their reports to the computer and then attach them to an email and send them out. This is tedious and there is a better solution called ““Scan to email server” that help you be more efficient.

The current lineup of Brother color laser/LED series printers and all-in-ones have a feature called “Scan to Email Server”. As long as your color device is configured on a network, you can set-up all your email recipients into a group or individually using One Touch and Speed Dial numbers directly on the all-in-one or printer. Then you just scan your document or report and select the individuals or groups you wish to email the report to. You can even configure your own email address to be a part of that group so that you can also receive a copy of the scanned report.

This solution can help ensure your reports are always on time and no recipient gets left out.

Once your machine is setup, all you need to do is follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your printer or all-in-one and load your reports into the ADF ( Automatic Document Feeder )
  2. Press the Scan button
  3. Select “to email server
  4. Then select either your One Touch or Speed Dial number
  5. Press Start
  6. You’re All Done!

If you already have a color Brother all-in-one or printer, then click here to configure your “scan to email server” feature. If you don’t currently have a Brother color all-in-one or printer, then check out our current lineup here.

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