Tech Talk: Monitor Your Printers and All-in-Ones Using the Brother BRAdmin Pro

Imagine being able to monitor and make changes to your Brother™ SNMP-compatible printer from your desk? This was once an expensive option reserved for professional IT companies. Brother™ now makes it available with all of our SNMP-compatible models.

The BRAdmin Professional software (Windows Only) can provide you with useful information such as page counts, serial number information or enable you to change the paper size. You can also mass-configure device settings. This means that if you have a group of printers/FAX/DCP or MFC machines which you would like to be configured in an identical way, the BRAdmin Professional software can broadcast the settings you require to a single device or a group of Brother™ network-connected devices.

The machines model name, node name, IP address, status, serial number, page count and Mac address are all available at your finger tips and the columns are all adjustable to meet your needs.  BRAdmin can also be configured to send e-mail notifications whenever user intervention is required on the machine. This helps provide minimal downtime for your business. What more could you want? Get all the details here:

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