Study Finds Increased Interest in Personal Organization in Response to “Tipping Point” Events

We recently commissioned a study to better understand consumers’ motivations for engaging in organizing activities, their leading reasons for making an organizational product purchase, as well as the emotional impact that personal organization can have on their lives.

The majority of those surveyed reported purchasing a product like a label maker in response to or in preparation for a life-changing event. These events, or “tipping points,” were acknowledged as a trigger for a desire to increase organization. Some of the most often-repeated tipping points included:

  • Moving to a new home
  • Birth of a child
  • Divorce
  • Moving to a different office
  • Losing something important or valuable
  • Reorganizing to save space in the home
  • Adult child moving out of the home
  • New job or business growth
  • Hiring their first employee

The respondents of the survey also shared some of the emotional benefits they’ve experienced as a result of increased personal organization.  Most notably, a full 100% of respondents reported reduced stress and anxiety after completing a labeling and organization task. Additionally, 96% reported satisfaction when using a label maker, while 85% reported a feeling of confidence. Other emotions mentioned by over half of the respondents included happiness, relaxation, calm, accomplishment, and peace.

“While we weren’t shocked that people rely on personal organization as a tool to help them through potentially stressful tipping points, we were genuinely surprised by the strong emotional impact organizing can have on a person’s life,” said Linda Sanford, Director of Product Marketing for Brother™ Electronic Stationery. “This study demonstrates that living and working in a well-organized space can help reduce stress and lead to feelings of satisfaction, happiness, and accomplishment.”

This information in this article was gathered from research commissioned by Brother™ to support the launch of the new PT-H300 line of handheld label makers. For more information on this new line, or for help finding a retailer, please visit

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