Reduce Your Business Printing Budget

Tactics To Help You Reduce Your Business Printing Budget

In today’s increasingly digital age, printed documents remain a crucial part of many small businesses’ workflow. Whether they’re printing presentations, contracts, spreadsheets or other critical documents, the ability for small businesses (and even home business) to quickly and economically produce high-quality hard copies in-house can be invaluable. It’s important for any small business keeping a

Small Business Document Scanning

Microsoft® and Brother™ Promote Scanning to OneNote® Service

The Brother ADS-1500W Wireless Enabled Compact Scanner now supports direct scanning to the Microsoft OneNote Service. This can help virtually everyone in your office convert paper documents into electronic files and make them available for online sharing and collaboration. Once scanned into OneNote, files can be organized in notebooks and conveniently accessed by authorized users

Small Business Taxes

Tips To Help You Get Organized For The Tax Year

As a small business owner, whether you do your own taxes with pencil and paper, use a self-service tax website and software, or work with a professional tax preparer, keeping your tax files organized is important to helping the job get done efficiently and correctly. You can help to improve your organization by using a