How Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology Enables Easy, Password-free Wireless Printing on Select Brother™ Devices

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a set of standards for establishing wireless communication between two devices, particularly mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Communication is established by touching devices together or bringing them into close proximity with one another, usually no more than a few inches. The always growing list of NFC applications includes file exchange, advertising information sharing, ticketing machines, and parking meter payment.

Brother developed the first inkjet all-in-one machine featuring NFC-enabled printing and scanning with NFC-compatible mobile devices. Brother’s “touch to connect” NFC technology initiates setup of Wi-Fi Direct communication between the mobile device and the machine. The process is automatic and NFC provides the “handshake” between both devices without having to manually connect to a network or enter any login credentials. The free Brother iPrint&Scan app on an NFC-enabled mobile device permits direct printing to and scanning from both the MFC-J6920DW Business Smart™ Pro and MFC-J870DW Work Smart™ series machines. 

Who could use it? NFC offers an easy-to-implement solution to providing guests in your office or home the ability to print from an NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet directly to your machine without needing to enter any login credential or a password. It’s also ideal for printing kiosks, conference centers, hospitality suites, trade shows, libraries, business centers, computer labs, and more.

*Requires internet connection. See for a list of compatible mobile devices.


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