Exclusive Brother™ Landscape Print Technology Helps Reduce All-in-One Size and Increase Print Speed

Landscape printing

Small business All-in-Ones have changed significantly in the past decade, but certain things about them have not, notably portrait print orientation. Page orientation is important in the overall footprint of an All-in-One, as it directly impacts the depth of a machine. And the overall footprint of the machine can play an important role in the selection process, as desk space is often at a premium for small business users.

Brother developed Landscape Print Technology to offer a space saving solution to this problem. But based on previous research and development experience, we knew that printing in a landscape orientation presents its own set of technical challenges. Paper tends to curl more when printing with the long side of letter paper as the leading edge. Brother developed an innovative solution: a corrugated tray that slightly ripples the paper as it is being printed, which helps prevent the paper from curling.

The entire Business Smart™ series lineup is built using Landscape Print Technology, leading to a reduction in the machines’ depths. Landscape design also enabled 11”x17” ledger format printing from machines with footprints up to 35%* smaller than other machines in its class. Landscape printing offers the additional benefit of faster print speeds. Print speeds are impacted by the size of the print head, which defines how wide the head can print in a single pass. Brother machines feature a broader print head, which helps increase the Business Smart series’ print speed.


*Based on competing in-class inkjet models with an estimated street price under $200. Competitive data gathered from manufacturer websites and third party industry sources (as of July 2012)

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