Four Easy Steps to Getting Organized at Work

Organize Work Life

“Getting more organized” has been a popular New Year’s Resolution for a very long time. In fact, it’s so popular that the National Association of Professional Organizers has named January “Get Organized Month.” One of the best ways to make this change in the workplace is to take small steps towards your desired state of improved organization. Here are four quick and easy steps you can take in your quest to be more organized in the coming year.

  1. Evaluate your files. Separate your hardcopy files into three piles: discard, capture, and archive. Throw away the discard pile (being mindful to shred any sensitive information), scan the documents in the capture pile to save in an space-saving electronic format, and create a well-labeled filing system of the documents you absolutely need to retain hard copies of.
  2. Establish a new organizing system. Now that your physical paper documents are more organized, resolve to revisit your files on a regular basis to keep them from piling up on you. Remember, the more documents you digitize, the less physical storage space you need for paper.
  3. Label all of the sharable supplies and equipment on your desk. If you’re working in an office environment, you know that some supplies and equipment have a way of disappearing from your workspace. Use an electronic label maker to identify your USB drives, stapler, and other essentials to help prevent loss.
  4. Identify the work tools you take on the road. If you’re on the road or routinely travel for work, be certain to label and identify your laptop, business bag and other luggage. Choose from a variety of durable label tapes that are designed to withstand the rigors of the road.

Making a resolution to consistently follow these simple tips will go a long way to getting you more organized this year and beyond.


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