Five Benefits of Using a PC-connectable Label Printer in the Office

PC Connectable Label maker

For many office-based applications, a PC-connectable label printer can be a better choice than a handheld labeler with a built-in keyboard. Though they make sacrifices in the areas of portability and the ability to be used independently, here are five ways they offer a level of flexibility and ease of use that many handhelds can’t match.

  1. Typing labels on a full-size keyboard. Even though some users have become more accustomed to typing on small, handheld devices, for many, it’s still easier to type on a full-sized QWERTY keyboard. For high volume users who will be producing a number of unique labels, the convenience of using a full-size keyboard is hard to beat.
  2. Utilizing powerful labeling software you can install on your computer. PC-connectable label printers often come with robust label design software. This software offers more functionality than a stand-alone, handheld unit. P-touch® Editor Label Design software, for example, lets users auto-populate and print labels with information stored in an Excel® or Access® database on their computer.
  3. Designing labels on a full-size color display. It’s easier to visualize the labels being designed when users have the ability to view a full-color preview directly on their computer display. Many handheld models feature a small, monochrome display, which can make previewing labels before they are printed more difficult. A better preview presentation helps users reduce errors and wasted labeling tape.
  4. Using images and fonts from the computer. When connected to a computer, many label printers, including the PT-P700, allow users to make use of the fonts and pictures found on their computer. This offers a level of flexibility in design that many handhelds can’t match, plus permits printing of custom labels featuring corporate logos or other pieces of art.
  5. Saving labels to the computer. Users who print the same or similar labels multiple times will enjoy the convenience of saving labels and label templates directly to their computer. It’s easy to build a library of labeling information that can be referenced again and again for editing and/or printing, without the need for time-consuming retyping.

As you can see by the reasons listed above, a PC-connectable label printer can be an excellent choice for high-volume office users, or users that need to create fairly customized labels. To address this need, Brother recently introduced the PT-P700, its first PC-connectable label printer that’s compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. It notably offers the versatility of install-free Plug & Label printing, plus the ability to install and use the robust P-touch® Editor Label Design software. The PT-P700 is available now at a variety of online and retail outlets.

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