Creating Your Own Business Card? Here are a few Simple Dos and Don’ts.

Business Card

Creating your own business cards is a great way to express yourself and promote your brand and business in critical person-to-person networking environments. Following a few simple dos and don’ts will help you make a card that creates a lasting professional impression that can lead to exciting new business opportunities.


  • Have a hi-res logo that’s a clean design
  • Use a design for your card that’s consistent with your website and literature
  • Include important contact information like address, cell, website
  • List your social media handles
  • Utilize the back of the card as an opportunity to sell yourself
  • Consider a QR code to drive potential customers to your website
  • Have a design that stands out – it’s an advertisement of you, your company and your brand


  • Use a low resolution logo
  • Have copy run over your logo
  • List too many contact methods
  • Put your contact information on the back
  • Use ornate, hard to read fonts
  • Use too many distracting colors
  • Be too plain with the design or you won’t stand out and be remembered

The Brother CreativeCenter™ Business Center offers a wide variety of customizable templates for almost any industry to get you headed in the right direction as you design your own business cards.


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