Choosing The Best Printer for Your Business

Choosing a business printer

Even in today’s increasingly digital world, printers are still a necessity for almost every business. There are lots of work processes that still require hard copy documentation, and many professions prefer (or are required) to do business on paper.

Choosing the type of printer you want, what brand of printer you want, and where you want to buy your printer can seem overwhelming. In fact, you may not even know where to begin. If you take time to consider the following things, you’re much more likely to find the best printer for your business!

Do You Need a Color or a Black and White Printer?

Many inkjet devices give you the option to use a greater variety of paper types, including photo paper, card stock, matte finish, or coated paper. Laser printers are more limited in the kinds of paper you can use.

If you’re printing presentations, spreadsheets, charts, signage or other documents that demand attention-getting color, but don’t rely heavily on quality photo printing, a color laser printer may be right for you.

Color laser devices won’t match the photo quality output of inkjet printed on high-gloss photo paper, but they will typically offer a faster print speed, and are better suited for two-sided documents with heavy color saturation, whereas ink bleed may be a concern when using an inkjet printer.

Table 1

The Role Print Volume Plays in Choosing a Printer
A helpful hint for determining your print volume is to figure out how long a box (12 reams) of paper lasts you:

Table 2

Tip: Choose a printer with enough capacity so you don’t have to add paper more than once a week.

Printers vs. Multi-function Devices

Take a moment to consider what you’d like to be able to do with your new printer. Of course, you want to be able to print, but would you like a machine that can do more?

Table 3

Tip: Purchasing a multi-function printer is also a great way to remove outdated equipment from your office, plus help save your valuable working space.

We hope the information in this post has helped answer some of the questions you may have had about selecting a printer for your business. Use the product selector on to help you select the right Brother printer for your business needs.


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