Brother Software Development Kit (SDK) Helps Boomset Speed Up Wireless Name Tag Printing Using Their Event Check-In App

Boomset App and Brother QL Name Badge Printing

Boomset, Inc. is an app developer who created Boomset, a popular Apple® iOS app that allows event and conference planners to import their guest lists from a number of popular file formats, device directories, and online services.

They collaborated with Brother, using the Brother Print Software Development Kit (SDK) for iPhone®/iPad® to simplify the process of wireless name tag printing to help separate themselves from their competition. Brother Office Talk recently sat down and spoke with Boomset Co-Founder and CEO, Cem Kozinoglu, about what led to this collaboration.

Brother Office Talk: Tell us about the origins of Boomset.

Cem: “When we started around 3 years ago, we were a NY start-up for nightlife. We were trying to create an easy way to get people onto guest lists and check them in using an iPad® and iPhone®. We then switched to event planning, so that event planners could come to our site, create an event, and sell tickets through us.”

Brother Office Talk: When did you start investigating Brother QL Label Printers?

Cem: “There was a lot of competition in the event planning app market, so we were trying to differentiate. We had a guest list check in, but there was a need for pre-ordered nametags. And new people would show up on the day of the event, so there was also a need to print and sort nametags right at the event itself. We wanted to make this process easier, so we started looking for mobile printers. Through some digging, we found Brother QL Label Printers, which are neat and fast and exactly what we were looking for.”

Brother Office Talk: What led to you working with the Brother QL SDK?

Cem: “At first we were trying to connect using conventional methods like Airprint®. This involves a three-step process to printing things, which is an amazing solution. However, when someone comes in and checks in, it is a four or five-step process, which is just too long for these kinds of applications. Our engineer looked into the Brother QL printer and thought that with Brother technology, we might be able to do things more quickly. We decided to reach out to Brother and see if we could work together.”

Brother Office Talk: How did you come to work directly with Brother?

Cem: “We decided that we wanted to work more closely with Brother. After talking to them, they sent us the pilot SDK programming tools, and with the extra functionality and control the SDK provided, we switched immediately to officially enable the simplified printing functionality, and recommend Brother QL Label Printers to our clients. This combined solution to manage the check in has help us to create new partnerships. Now, thanks in part to this technology, and our app’s ease of use with our software, we are working higher end events! Plus, with the Boomset app now available world-wide and Brother’s status as a global company we are able to supply printers for use with the Boomset app virtually anywhere in the world. Brother and Boomset are capable of providing an ideal solution for any event planner no matter where their event is being held.”

Brother Office Talk: Thanks Cem, we wish you continued success with Boomset.

To learn more about and download the free Boomset Event and Conference Check-in App, , visit their website at

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