Brother QL Printers Software Development Kit (SDK) Helps Start-up Create an RFID Chip for Runners

Agee Race Timing created an affordable RFID “chip” timing system with many advanced features not found in any other system. With an easy to use UI, no yearly fees, and roughly 1/3 the cost of similar systems currently on the market, this system has become popular with many pro timers and race directors.

Brian Agee is the owner and developer for Agee Race Timing. Brother Office Talk recently sat down and spoke with Brian about how he decided to incorporate the Brother QL-700 as a component of his race timing software.

Brother Office Talk: Brian, what made you decide to start Agee Race Timing?

Brian: “Running has been a huge part of my life. I fell in love with running in high school and I owe a lot to it. At some point, I was asked to help direct a local road race. One of the first things I had to consider was how to time it. Do I try to manually time it or do I take the financial risk of hiring a professional timer? I really didn’t like the risks involved with either option. This race was a small local fundraiser for a well-deserving charity. I knew that many others were facing the same tough decision. So I began creating a timing system that would solve this problem.”

Brother Office Talk: Tell us why you decided to work with the Brother QL-700.

Brian: “Lots of runners like to print out their time immediately after they finish a race, so I wanted my software to provide this capability. After looking at all the options I found that the Brother QL-700 offered the best performance and price for my needs. The speed at which it prints, how it auto-cuts the labels, the professional look and design of the printer, and the fact that I found that I could get nearly 800 labels out of a single roll of label paper make this a perfect device for my (and my customers’) kiosk printing needs.”

Agee Racing Label with Brother QL  SDK


Brother Office Talk: Why use a QL label printer instead of a full-sized printer?

Brian: “The runners enjoy having a personalized label that they can stick inside their training log. The label paper holds up better than the flimsy receipt-style thermal paper. Using the Brother SDK (software development kit) to Interface with the Brother QL-700 wasn’t difficult, and it was easy for me to design a professional looking label. ”

Brother Office Talk: What was it like when you first started using a Brother QL-700?

Brian: “I was pleased by how easy it was to setup and use. The Brother QL-700 is very reliable and the results kiosk is a popular addition. Every time I set it up I overhear people say “That’s cool!” when they use it.”

Brother Office Talk: What’s on the horizon for Agee Race Timing?

Brian: “Multiple companies have approached me about reselling the software, so I’ve created a ‘white label’ version of the software for them to sell. In fact, one of the resellers informed me that my system will be used in distance races at an upcoming sporting event . I’m constantly improving the system any way I can, so who knows what the future holds. Of course all updates are available to download for free for my customers. “

Brother Office Talk: Thanks Brian, we wish you continued success with Agee Race Timing.

You can view a video of a Brother QL-700 in action in an Agee Race Timing Kiosk at For more information on Agee Race Timing, visit

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